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Small event venue & outdoor meeting space

Interested in visiting?
Sharing our beautiful place with our communities. Tell us about your event. This event venue is appropriate for small outdoor fairs or acoustic concerts, group camping and spiritual retreats with the perfect backdrop for  photo shoots and weddings.

Glorious fall
White Downs in spring
Blooms near the grapes
Weeping cherry blossoms
Tulips in the forest
Statue of Ganesh
A view of water valley
- east falls
Sleeping dragon falls
Night view of dragon tail falls
Forest and creek
Serenity pond
Life abounds
A riot of color
Holding wisdom
Serenity pond - east falls
Rhodies in May
Majestic trees
Dusk in spring
The oasis that greets you
Lower pond
Tallest waterfall
Tallest waterfall in spring
Serenity in winter
The forest path
Serene morning
Amongst the trees
Serenity pond
Frog pond
Croquet and picnics
Into the woods
Weeping cherry tree arbor
Creating serenity
Island oasis in spring
From the trail
Dragon tail falls
Front porch with late afternoon sun
Winter well pond
Back deck
Down by wood hall
Back field from the woods
Late sunlight
Dragon tail falls
View from below
Overlooking the field
Outdoor field
A popular place for vows
Front gardens in fall
The lovers
Approach to the house
Serenity at first launch
Stairs to the lower pond
Image of a pond with waterfalls

Bringing beauty, joy, and fun into the world

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