Arborea Falls COVID 19 policy

As response to COVID 19, Arborea Falls is preparing to host outdoor-only events. We are in a unique position in that our venue is primarily outdoors with significant space to allow appropriate distancing. Data[1] (Hua Qian, 2020) suggests that the transmission rate for COVID-19 is considerably lower outdoors. We believe that it is critical that we re-establish safe community space to maintain connections and provide outlets for our emotional/physical/mental needs.

These events will occur on our open field of approximately 19K sf with NO access to the private residence. We have an outdoor incinerating toilet and sink and heated outdoor showers that will be available for use at events. We will begin with events with limited attendance and look to grow our attendance as the risk lessens over time.


The idea is to play “alone” but “together.” This is an opportunity to see and connect with friends in the community with partner(s) with which you are already sheltering but using appropriate social distancing recommendations.


Arborea Falls protocols

  • We will take all recommended precautions to ensure the environment conforms to CDC guidelines including CDC-approved disinfectants, latex gloves, etc.

  • We ask event organizers to provide marked spaces with 30’ distance between play spaces/scenes.

  • We will provide touchless hand sanitizers, disinfectants, trash bags, and other appropriate cleaning supplies near the bathroom facilities and around the event area.

  • We will provide access to an outdoor, incinerating toilet and sink with running water as well as cleaning and disinfectant materials.

  • No guests may enter the private residence.

Guest expectations

We believe that our guests are capable of assessing and understanding their own tolerance for risk and can make their own decisions regarding attendance and participation. We encourage people to review these FAQs from the CDC when evaluating your choice to attend. You can review Washington State guidelines here.

We ask that you engage in events with care and respect with our community. Consider the vulnerable population, those with less access to resources, and our obligation to protect each other from harm and to support each other. Regardless of whether or not it may be COVID, do not attend if you are experiencing signs of illness. Consider leaving an event if you begin to experience symptoms.

Event coordinators

Any event coordinator (EC) hosting an event is expected to clearly articulate their own policies in addition to those expected by Arborea Falls. For example, event coordinators can choose to require proof of vaccination. ECs are responsible for their own event and can choose to request a guest to leave their event.

Before the event

  • Tickets must be pre-paid and waivers signed before arriving.

  • Guests must sign a separate COVID waiver in addition to the standard event waiver.

  • Please install Wa Notify on your phone. This will help with contact tracing while still maintaining your anonymity and privacy. 

At arrival

  • We ask that all event coordinators try to provide a touchless check-in. We can facilitate this if needed.

  • Upon arrival, every attendee (guest, staff, volunteer) must verify they do not currently exhibit any symptoms and, to their knowledge, have not recently been exposed to COVID-19. We will also check temperatures with a touchless thermometer.

  • We recommend the use of colored bracelets to indicate your level of comfort with contact:

    • Green - I'm comfortable with reasonable contact​

    • Yellow - Maintain safe distance OR approach only with mask 

    • Red - Please maintain safe distance AND a mask - do not approach. Not fully vaccinated.

During the event

  • IMPORTANT: We expect our guests to wear masks appropriately and respect social distancing, per state recommendations. In current times, these recommendations change rapidly so please be flexible. Failure to do so is cause to be asked to leave. 

  • We expect guests to take responsibility for disinfecting the surfaces with which they come in contact – this includes bathroom facilities, play equipment, etc.

  • We expect guests to bring what they need and remove their debris when they depart.

  • We expect attendees to maintain social distance (6’) with any other guests from whom they do not have prior consent and to respect bracelet colors. 


Hua Qian, T. M. (2020, 05 16). Indoor transmission of SARS-CoV-2 . Retrieved from https://www.medrxiv.org

[1] (Hua Qian, 2020)