Arborea Falls House Rules

Our mission is to foster community by providing a small event venue for themed events surrounded by the beauty and majesty of our PNW rain forest. This is private property and you are an honored guest at a private home. Failure to meet these house rules to the satisfaction of your hosts may result in your expulsion without refund, permanent banning from the property, and/or other measures which may lead to permanent termination of the event. The hosts’ decisions in these and all other matters are final.

Suggested donations or event costs vary by event. You may pay in cash or via PayPal ( or Zelle (

Consent, manners, & respect

Assume positive intent. Respect people and their scenes. Be kind. Without prior invitation don’t walk through others’ scenes, talk to an ongoing scene’s participants, handle toys, or talk loudly/distractingly near a scene.

Prior consent is required for all interactions including casual touch. Ask permission BEFORE you act. Consent may be withdrawn at any time and that decision must be honored.


House safe words are RED & SAFEWORD. When either is used the scene stops immediately.


Nudity and sex are permitted at some events. Cover play equipment and furniture to protect from naked bits and juices, and clean up after yourself.


Leave the space at least as inviting as you found it - cleaner, wipes and waste cans are always available. If you expect to spill blood or other fluids, use appropriate barriers to protect the area around your scene beforehand. Pick up trash.


Any play that involves heightened risks to people, property, or ambience may need additional safeguards. This includes suspension, fire, knives, blood, scat, non-consensual consent, tasers, and breath play. If you are planning a scene that you believe may involve heightened risks or could disrupt the event, check with the event hosts before starting.


Should you rent or have access to an interior space such as the Moroccan salon or the Victorian dungeon play space, you are responsible for any damages to bathroom fixtures, furniture, fabric walls, or other items if used inappropriately. If you are engaging in wet or messy play, take the appropriate precautions to minimize impact and wear and tear. For example, bring and use a tarp for messy play. If you need something (puppy pads, tarps, etc.), please ask. Please report any prior damage to the hosts.


Respect the privacy of other guests and residents. Do not out them in public. Do not share their names or contact information without their consent. We have a number of residents on the property. All are kink/poly-friendly but do respect their private spaces and do not enter their private spaces without invitation.


We love when you take and share photos of our beautiful area and spread the word. However, please use common sense. Please gain consent prior to photographing event activities, participants, license plates, and identifying personal objects. Please abide by content posting guidelines for social media.

Note that by bringing your recording device (cell phone, camera, recorder, etc.) to this party you agree to allow hosts to monitor it to review and, at their judgment, delete any recordings including visual images and audio. We all agree the security of the event site and its guests is paramount, even if this monitoring and deleting causes unintended hardship.

Cell phones

To preserve the ambience of the event, please step away from the primary event location to make calls, access the internet, etc. Do not use your phone to photograph people without prior consent.


No illicit or illegal behavior will be tolerated. Prostitution is illegal and not allowed anywhere on the premises.

Smoking policy: No smoking within 20’ of where smoke may enter a building. Exceptions may be allowed by the hosts on a case-by-case basis, like for cigar events, in which case specific smoking areas will be designated.

Intoxicants are permitted only in moderation and as legal. You are responsible for your own ability to judge consent and conduct potentially dangerous play. If you feel you or someone else are not in a state to drive or consent, please approach the hosts for assistance. Do not drive or give consent for further play – it may be a nice time to just talk with friends and enjoy the beauty around you. Overindulgence in intoxicants that leads to inappropriate behavior may lead to expulsion.

Property boundaries & expectations

You are on our private property provided you do not cross a paved road or climb a fence.

Do not wander into the woods or other parts of the property beyond the event space without express permission of the hosts. Be aware that our woods provide an active ecosystem including wildlife like bears. After permission is granted, you may enjoy the trails and clearings but endeavor to leave no trace and avoid disturbing the animals you may encounter.


Take care of the natural setting by following common sense behaviors – failure to do these will likely lead to your immediate and permanent expulsion:

  • Note that there is no filtration on any of the ponds or waterfalls at this time. Please avoid body fluids or debris in the water.

  • No littering or cigarette butts. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground or floors is a quick way to be permanently expelled.

  • Don’t dig, chop, carve or otherwise alter the site’s plants or buildings. Don’t harass or trap the wildlife.

  • The upstairs floor of the house interior is off-limits as is any other space labeled as private. If you want a bed or showers, elegant and comfortable B&B accommodations can be arranged.


Carpool as possible and park respectfully for other cars and nature. We can park about 40 cars with care. Parking is available on the sports court (follow the signs) and the side yard and below near the lower pond. Please save the parking in front of the house for those with accessibility issues.


Please note that this is a private home. We are committed to making our spaces as accommodating as possible for those with accessibility issues but it will take time for us to make long-term modifications. We do have a portable ramp available. As we upgrade the house, we will make things as accessible as feasible given property limitations. If you have special needs, please contact us ahead of time so we can do our best to accommodate or ensure you know what you may need to do to be comfortable or ask the event host.

Volunteering & Events

Have skills for trade? What to help make improvements? Have an event idea? Talk to us about work for trade or your idea. Donations are encouraged at events that don’t have ticket sales. Work parties and volunteering are gratefully accepted in lieu of a monetary donation. Please speak with the hosts about your personal situation – we prefer no one be excluded from our events because of their personal financial situation.

18400 228th Ave NE, Woodinville, WA 98077 |  1-206-536-5327