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Fall 2022: Update

Summer was beautiful, if brief, this year. Today, the air is more like autumn. As I sit in the library, I was greeted by a mama deer and her baby. Later, I watched a robin, a stellar jay, and a dove have a community meeting. At lunch, I watched a huge gray heron lift off the lower pond into the sky. When the animals and plants bound across my path, I am reminded of the beauty of this land and the importance of caring for it.

We made progress in some areas this past year, not in others. We repainted the interior of the house this year and did a complete roof replacement due to a repair "regression". We also had to replace our well pump and control system. These repairs, while not sexy, were also not really optional - so not as much work on the grounds as we would have liked. All the front water features are running but we're still working on fixing the lights everywhere. Leith set up the FIRST waypoint sign on the property.

King County permitting continues to stall at forward progress. We've accepted that it will happen when it does. Meanwhile, we're continuing with small, private events under 50 people.

We are beginning work this fall on the Peacock bed and bath. We plan to open that up, make it accessible, and a bed/bath suite suitable for renting as an AirB&B space or for when we may need to house an aging relative.

We are looking for a reputable concrete contractor who can help us redo the concrete patio and steep path to the field on the east side of the house. If you can recommend someone, please reach out to us.

We are planning for the annual New Year's party and have enjoyed all the community days and poker games with friends. If you didn't make it out this summer, we hope to see you when the sun returns in the spring.

Enjoy our batch of spring photos from our resident photographer, Shay.

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