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Venue details

Arborea Falls is an outdoor event venue suitable for acoustic concerts, camping, fairs, retreats, weddings, or photoshoots. It includes mixed gardens, waterfalls, ponds, and majestic trees.

Situated near Paradise Lake wilderness area, a few minutes east of Woodinville and just 30 minutes from downtown Seattle with easy access to greater Seattle. The towering evergreens and maples and one of the largest private collections of rhododendrons in the NW provide the perfect backdrop for your themed wedding or event. 


Our vision is to provide a beautiful, private venue for our alternative communities, to support local artists and performers, and to provide a sacred space for spiritual pursuits.


Lifelong medieval reenactors, we love pirates, renaissance, vampires, space operas, and all types of fun themes. Want to host a Game of Thrones battle? Or an Edwardian garden party? What about a pirate wedding? Are you a local artist or performer looking for a place to  hold a house concert? We're your new best friends. We want to host your event. Do you have an event idea? We know how cost prohibitive event venues are in the Greater Seattle area.


We focus on providing a lower cost option for marginalized and alternative communities. As such, we want to provide space to address our community needs but lack many of the services provided by more experienced, long-time outdoor venues. Event hosts should be prepared to provide their own tents, chairs, outside portable toilets, etc.

We offer free meeting space for community events.


Detailed description and prices

We have a number of projects on our capital improvement list – such as improving the external lighting, parking, etc. People interested in working with us to host their event should be aware of the “in-progress” state and be prepared to work with us to enable their event to be successful. Volunteers, materials, and donations are welcome.

Contact us with your proposal and let's see how we can work to make your vision a reality.

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