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Pricing information & event requirements

Public community or non-profit events

Looking to host a non-profit or community event? Land use is free. We ask 30% donation of any (fund-raising or paid) community/non-profit event hosted on our property OR $5/person for events of fewer than 20 attendees as contribution to grounds maintenance and improvement. Talk to us in person about your event and we can discuss work-trade possibilities or other alternatives.

Private events

Private events are ones where you prefer to rent access for your private event at a flat rate. Prices can be negotiated per space or in sections (e.g. “the front lawn”) based on your needs. Complete this intake form and we will contact you to discuss and provide an estimate.


Interested in hosting a wedding here? Complete this intake form and we will contact you do discuss and provide an estimate.

Event requirements

  • Groups wishing to host an event at Arborea Falls must provide proof of event insurance for the duration of the event. Event insurance must list Arborea Falls, LLC, Leith McCombs, and Kelly Bowen-McCombs as additional insured.

  • Any group wishing to serve alcohol must provide their own liquor liability and licensed bartender.

  • The water features/ponds are not suitable for swimming.

  • Event of 50 attendees or more must apply for a special event use per King County. We are happy to work with your event team on this process.  


  • Multiple ponds and waterfalls

  • Multiple gathering spaces

  • Patios, decks, and firepits

  • Dance floor

  • Lots of grass, trees, flower beds and rockeries with illuminated lights

  • Multiple spots for photos

  • Complimentary onsite parking

Suitable event types

Our grounds are great for any number of activities:

Retreats | Photoshoots | Weddings | Festivals | Rituals |  Outdoor concerts | BBQs | Camping events

See map

See fun map


We are committed to making our property accessible to everyone. Our property has varying levels of accessibility at this time and we are actively working for ways to improve it. For events, we reserve parking spaces in the front of the house for accessible parking.

The main event field is wheelchair accessible with limited, flat camping ground for people with mobility challenges.

Price Summary

  • Community/non-profit meetings (no ticket sales): FREE (volunteer/work exchange requested) 

  • Ticketed events (any): $1000 minimum OR $5/person OR 30% of proceeds

  • Private event: $3,000/day (grounds only, no additional, services)

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