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Visiting Arborea Falls

For friends who want to visit our grounds during the pandemic, here is some helpful information to prepare for your visit and set expectations.

We are committed to providing safe, private access to our grounds for one friend group per day. This is free gift of hospitality for our friends. We assume that people you bring are already within your own "bubble" and/or you are practicing appropriate social distancing recommendations. We also assume the group is limited in number according to Washington State guidelines. Use common sense here unless you want to be uninvited.

To ensure your safety and ours, we have a sign up that only allows one sign up per day. We provide no access to our private residence but you are welcome to picnic on our lawn, walk in the woods, or do whatever takes your fancy. We have installed an incinerating toilet and a sink in the Woodshed to provide facilities for use of visitors without needing to access the house.

Using the outdoor incinerating toilet

Failure to follow the steps can cause damage to the toilet and unsanitary conditions:

  1. Always place a liner in the bowl before using.

  2. After use, press the foot pedal on the right to drop the "deposit" into the lower chamber.

  3. Press the start button to begin the cycle.

Arborea Falls protocols

  • We will take all recommended precautions to ensure the environment conforms to CDC guidelines including CDC-approved disinfectants, latex gloves, etc.

  • We will provide access to an outdoor, incinerating toilet and sink with running water as well as cleaning and disinfectant materials.

  • No visitors may enter the private residence.

Visitor expectations

  • We believe that visitors to our property are capable of assessing and understanding their own tolerance for risk and can make their own decisions regarding visiting.

  • We expect visitors to take responsibility for disinfecting the surfaces with which they come in contact – this includes bathroom facilities, etc.

  • We expect visitors to bring what they need and remove their debris when they depart.

  • Visitors should follow recommended health safety guidelines per the current WA state guidance (

Property boundaries & expectations

You are on our private property provided you do not cross a paved road or climb a fence with the exception of due east where we share the woods and trails with our nearest neighbors. They are kind and do not mind respectful visitors.

  • Be aware that our woods provide an active ecosystem including wildlife like bears. You may enjoy the trails and clearings but endeavor to leave no trace and avoid disturbing the animals you may encounter.

  • Take care of the natural setting by following common sense behaviors – failure to do these will likely lead to your immediate and permanent expulsion:

  • Note that there is no filtration on any of the ponds or waterfalls at this time. Please avoid body fluids or debris in the water.

  • No littering or cigarette butts. Throwing cigarette butts on the ground is a quick way to be uninvited to return.

  • Don’t dig, chop, carve or otherwise alter the site’s plants or buildings. Don’t harass or trap the wildlife.

Our mission

Our mission is to foster community by providing a small event venue for themed events surrounded by the beauty and majesty of our PNW rain forest. This is private property and you are an honored guest at a private home. Failure to meet these house rules to the satisfaction of your hosts may result in expulsion or banishment from the property. The hosts’ decisions in these and all other matters are final.

Our goals

  • Be good land stewards & build, foster, and nurture a nature sanctuary

  • Lighten our footprints in the world through ecologically responsible choices

  • Bring beauty, joy, and fun into the world

  • Support education and outreach in our chosen communities

  • Provide a welcoming venue for LGBTQIA+, people of color, neuro-diverse and other marginalized communities

  • Provide a natural setting for people of all spiritualities to worship & celebrate

  • Provide a safe space for people to explore, connect with community, & celebrate

  • Provide a haven for people in our community

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