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Updates around Arborea Falls

Hey all, it's a tense time in the world. Here, at Arborea Falls, we've been plugging away at our long TODO list. Leith has just finished adding an underroof the back deck. This means that we have about 1500sf of covered outdoor area for those rainy days, including the hot tub. We've installed infrared heaters in back and on the front porch to keep an easy place for lounging in inclement weather. Our newest water feature is online, though technically "off" just at the moment. It's beautiful and we have named it the "Green Dragon".

Speaking of the Green Dragon, I have long wanted to name the various features around the grounds and build signage to help people find their way. Right about the time we should have been hosting our New Year's Eve party, I was madly scribbling on our site map and coming up with names from the Shire for our property. When next you visit, you'll park in Binbole Woods, stroll near Bywater Pond, or visit Frogmorten, home of our local frog population. And, of course, our big field has been named "party field."

We're in the process of engaging a permit company to expedite our county permit applications. Cross your fingers that it goes smoothly. We are keen to be a community resource as the pandemic lifts and we are allowed to safely gather again outside.

Meanwhile, we wish everyone good health and safety during quarantine. We miss everyone and look forward to seeing you again.


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