Permit application submitted

We're excited to announce that we're on the road for a temporary use permit. After months of waiting to find out the next steps, we've been working with the fantastic team at King County permit office. They've been super helpful. It's been a long process, made more complex with the global pandemic. We completed our environmental review in March and we were finally able to submit our application in March. We have a permit number. We're officially in the queue and look forward to being able to open to our community as a small event venue. We're crossing our fingers for Summer 2021.

We've been spending this time working on the grounds - adding more native plants, pruning overgrown landscaping, renovating the water features, working on key accessibility issues like improving our outdoor lighting. Lastly, this time has afforded us time to hone our mission and guiding principles:

  • Be good land stewards & build, foster, and nurture a nature sanctuary

  • Lighten our footprints in the world through ecologically responsible choices

  • Bring beauty, joy, and fun into the world

  • Support education and outreach in our chosen communities

  • Provide a welcoming venue for LGBTQIA+, people of color, neuro-diverse, and other marginalized communities

  • Provide a natural setting for people of all spiritualities to worship & celebrate important life moments

  • Provide a sex-positive safe space for people to explore, connect with their community, & celebrate

  • Provide a haven for people in our communities.

Meanwhile, we hope everyone is staying safe at home or helping us create a better world through advocacy.


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